Saturday, February 11, 2012

Upcoming Interests

Heres a quick update for Adamant Blasts. The Lucha Eterna 7'' is awaiting test presses. There will be a mailorder edition of 25 within the next two weeks. They will be housed in a screenprinted arigato case. Due to the pressing plant being overbooked the actual copies wont be ready until the end of March. The 7" release show is set for April 20th at Tower 2012 with Backslider, Sick Fix, Mind As Prison, Pizzahifive, and Masakari.

The Drekavac and Pizzahifive tapes will be ready next week if all goes as planned. The Drekavac packaging had to change do to companies discontinuing certain products.

The Lt. Dan tapes are being made as i type this. And the Powercup/Pizzahifive 10'' is at the plant and we are awaiting test presses for this too.

Also in the works is a demo for a new band emerging out of Columbus, Fumes. This band is ex members of Drug Money and Kurt Russell. More info on this soon.

Hopefully a good update in a week or so with the first releases and some distro items.