Sunday, January 22, 2012


Adamant Blasts is a new label/distro based out of the dreary midwest. Here's what I have lined up for the near future.

Drekavac CS - blistering raw hateful black metal. click HERE for a link to previous recordings. this will be 50 cassettes housed in a screenprinted arigato case. pro-dubbed with screenprinted(not imprinted) cassettes.

Powercup/Pizzahifive split 10" - if you havent heard the recording i suggest going to the to live a lie board and getting them. seriously some crushing grind. this is a multi label effort, not sure of all of them but i do know that Feel Good Grind Tapes will likely be a part. PIZZAHIFIVE POWERCUP

Pizzahifive "Live at the Funeral Home" CS - This tapes catches it all. Nine minutes of blast driven hate. 80 copies coming soon.

A few Lt. Dan split tapes - limited runs of splits with Birth, Malpractice Insurance, and Faction Disaster. mincecore at its best. HERE is a link to a previous split done with SMG.

Lucha Eterna "Mijo Cipitio" 7" - spanish hardcore from Cleveland, OH. recorded with Paul at Zombie Proof Records, same dude that recorded Flyin Trichecos, Cider etc... 300 mixed colored vinyl. covers are screenprinted on recycled 7'' jackets. This is also a multi label release(Llama Thrash/Distort Cleveland). HERE is a link to side b of this record.

These should all be ready by the end of February. Not sure if i will make an online store or just keep all the available releases on here but as always trades are more than welcome.